Screenplay Complete!

The rough draft of my screenplay is now finished with.  I decided “The Darkroom” wouldn’t be a good enough title, so I’m working with “To Commit and to Capture” (it sounds a bit like a good film-noir title to me, but I’m going to need some feedback).  Please take some time to read this screenplay that I have worked very, very hard on within the past three or four weeks.  If you notice any plot holes that I haven’t addressed in it, PLEASE let me know so I can take care of that, and if I made any other sorts of mistakes along the way, I’d appreciate it if I knew of those, as well.  I don’t know how exactly I could do this, but I’m thinking (and hoping) that maybe once this is up to perfection, I could send it to someone who actually works in the film making field.  But it’s only at 62 pages so far, which according to Syd Field’s excellent book Screenplay, is only 62 minutes of screen time, so I’ll have to lengthen it a bit. (That’s why you should tell me about the plot holes I need to fill!) 🙂  Click here to read the entire screenplay.

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