Best of 2012

Click on a title to navigate to that review. Note that any additions to the initial “best of” list will expand it beyond a top ten.

1. Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise Kingdom

Directed by Wes Anderson. Rated PG-13.

2. Lincoln


Directed by Steven Spielberg. Rated PG-13.

3. Prometheus


Directed by Ridley Scott. Rated R.

4. Chico & Rita

Chico & Rita

Directed by Fernando Trueba and Javier Mariscal. Not rated by the MPAA.

5. Titanic [3D]

Titanic [3D]

Directed by James Cameron. Rated PG-13. Reissued 3-D available on Blu-Ray.

6. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Directed by Stephen Chbosky. Rated PG-13 on appeal.

7. Les Misérables

Les Misérables

Directed by Tom Hooper. Rated PG-13.

8. Argo


Directed by Ben Affleck. Rated R.

9. Haywire


Directed by Stephen Soderbergh. Rated R.

10. Skyfall


Directed by Sam Mendes. Rated PG-13.

Barely Missed the Top Ten

11. Django Unchained

12. Headhunters

13. The Dark Knight Rises

14. Zero Dark Thirty

15. Looper

16. Coriolanus

17. Silver Linings Playbook

18. Bernie

19. The Grey

20. 21 Jump Street

Honorable Mentions

21. The Hunger Games

22. The Cabin in the Woods

23. Casa de mi Padre

24. Life of Pi

25. Sleepwalk with Me

26. 2016: Obama’s America

27. Hitchcock

28. A Cat in Paris

29. Wreck-It Ralph

30. Act of Valor

31. The Amazing Spider-Man

32. The Campaign

Worst of the Year

1. One for the Money
2. Mirror Mirror
3. The Raid: Redemption
4. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2
5. The Woman in Black
6. Snow White and the Huntsman
7. The Innkeepers
8. Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted
9. Rock of Ages
10. Paranormal Activity 4

36 thoughts on “Best of 2012

  1. Hi Cinemanic!!
    Please ignore my email name and please call me Brian!!

    Sorry it’s too late to comment on your Best Of 2012!! Thiough, better late than never, right?!?

    On your list of films that you still need and want to see…
    I really recommend you seeing:

    Silver Linings Playbook- My Grade:A++ and
    Flight: My Grade: B+
    You’ll laugh at me when I say, this, and it’s okay, laugh if you want to…

    On your list of movies that you want to try to see on home video..
    I have two movies that I reccommend you seeing(you’ll laugh at me when I say, this, and it’s okay, laugh if you want to…)
    My “Home Video” recommendations to you:
    Pitch Perfect: My Grade: A- and..
    The Odd Life Of Timothy Green: My Grade: (another) A-
    All recommendations I give you are really worth your time(and you money!!!)
    *(HaHa!! As if you’ve wasted enough money for movies you’ve seen in the theater and the ones you’ve paid for rental, right!!)*

    • I’ll start with your last comment: I actually never think watching movies is a waste of money, unless I spent more than $5 on something I ended up giving a C-minus or lower. I usually use my money at the theater, and either rent home videos from the library or find them on TV. The downside for TV is usually because if it’s a film like GoodFellas or The Departed, the network either edits in silly euphemisms, or cuts out the swearing altogether and gives you a headache from all the blank audio haha. The downside for library is if it’s a new movie, it’ll take at least three months to come in (The Tree of Life took ten) so I just usually resort to Redbox for a dollar twenty-two in that case.

      (Wow, I talk a LOT.)

      Silver Linings Playbook is one I’ve been meaning to see for God only knows how long. At this point, it’ll have to wait for BluRay. 😦

      I almost completely forgot about Flight actually. Two months ago everyone was talking about Denzel Washington’s performance, and it just slowly disappeared from my radar. I must bring it back.

      I actually don’t think you’re crazy for recommending Pitch Perfect. I’ve read one negative review for it (Ebert’s), and it seems like it’d be a fun movie, if a bit cheesy.

      As for The Odd Life of Timothy Green, I gave that one to my 11-year-old sister as a Christmas gift, actually. Now that it’s sitting on the movie shelf downstairs, I’m pretty curious. She saw it in theaters (a rare instance) and loved it, so she’ll probably make me watch it at some point.


      • And your sister will LOVE YOU MORE if you watch it with her!!! I must agree with your sister though, i saw the film in the theaters as well, but only on. A day that I truly think is special: MY BIRTHDAY!! My parents weren’t really interested at all because they thought that it was too weird and corny!! Oh..well!! I did go with a great friend and neighbor of mine right after school and must certainly and admittedly say that I LOVED IT!!! It made me ALMOST VERY CLOSE to(specifically it made me 99.98% close) close to falling out of my swat and bursting into tears!! Specifically it made me 99.98% close to doing that!!! Luckily, I was able to MAN UP!!! I will agree that it the story and the film itself is a little too weird and expect it being a little TOO schmaltzy and a little bit too melodramatic in the first 15 minutes(this is the main reason why the film slows down a little bit for me), but once the audience(including myself) are introduced to Timothy(a young boy with LEAVES!! Oh..And he came from the garden!! But my only questions about Timothy is why does he have leaves on his legs and how did he come from the garden!! Maybe you could tell me after you see the film!! Anyways, WHAT A SPLENDID FILM this is and should be watched when you are in a good mood to watch something nice and sweet, if a bit too sweet(which, truthfully, it is)!! HaHa!! Enjoy!!

        Sent from my iPad Mini(A Mini Version of an iPad)

  2. Nice list! I haven’t seen 9, 7, 4, 1 yet… I’ll check them out (maybe not Haywire) since they’re in there.

    Mirror Mirror was really, really boring. It isn’t my least favourite of the year, but it might just make my top 10 worst. I still have to write my review for it. While I do agree with The Raid being pretty mindless, I think it’s really rather fun. I’m not sure if I’m putting it in my Top 25, though. I do respect your opinion of it, and I can see where you’re coming from.

    Would you like me to tweet you, or come back here and comment, a link to my list once I post it?

    • Noo, you should definitely check out Haywire. It’s underrated, like a few notches below Mel Brooks’s Spaceballs or Martin Scorsese’s The King of Comedy when I think of the “most underrated films.”

      I’d be interested in seeing your top ten. Feel free to tweet me your list (or come back and comment if you wish). Thanks.

    • I’m alone on Haywire. ;(

      I’m actually surprised you haven’t heard of Chico & Rita. Many folks were surprised last year when it and A Cat in Paris–two foreign films–made it as nominees in the Best Animated Feature Oscar category.

  3. First of all, cool design for the list. I have yet to see numbers 9, 6, and 4. Really have to see Headhunters soon – heard countless great things about it. Overall, very good list; 2012 produced some excellent movies.

    I would recommend seeing Argo, End of Watch, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower first from your list of movies you haven’t seen from the year.

    P.S. = poppeelings came off as a total ass****, ignore what he said.

    • Thanks! I designed this months ahead of time with the “h4” tag (or maybe “h3,” can’t remember), so it looks even better now that I have a new template for my blog.

      I preordered Argo about a week ago, but I can’t wait that long!! I’ll try renting End of Watch this weekend, and I’ll stay posted with Perks. Can’t stand having missed out on that one.

      And I know, I’ll probably blacklist poppeelings if he gives me another “reminder.” I think he thinks he’s trying to be funny.

  4. Horrible list – the worst I have seen. Including Titanic 3D in any best of list, let alone placing it above Dark Knight Rises, diminishes any credability you have as a reviewer. And to top it off, you put The Raid, one of the best action movies there has ever been, in a worst-of list? Very sad indeed.

    • “Horrible list”

      You’re the person who writes “one-sentence film reviews,” right? So I’m not sure you should be implying that ANY of my efforts are lazy.

      I was going to write blurbs under each title on the top ten, but I decided against it. The one for Titanic explained that it felt like a completely different movie in theaters and in 3-D, yet it was still phenomenal. The list is subjective by grade, and I gave TDKR an A (the horror!) whereas I gave Titanic an A+. TDKR has flaws, and I noticed even more after a further viewing. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen Titanic, yet I haven’t picked up on any flaws yet.

      About The Raid, did you read my review? I think you should. And Roger Ebert’s, too. He’s one of my only sidekicks in the family of “anti-Raid black sheep.” One word defines it: opinion. I guess you don’t realize that you have opinions, as well, and I just willingly, effortlessly, and–my gosh!–validly shot a few of them down.

      • I never implied you were lazy. I’m not going to argue Titanic vs DKR either because that is a ludicrous debate.

        Yes I did read the review of The Raid. You only get flustered about the violence and mention nothing of the film’s commercial success (with no backing) or technique. The plot isn’t so flimsy either… Honour, betrayal, brotherly love, corruption… a bit more going for it than you think. I’m all for opinion… but sometimes you need to write with the head and not the heart.

        • Titanic won Best Picture when it was first released. Just sayin’.

          You’re saying that I should mention that I should mention The Raid’s commercial success and technique. You know, the entire Twilight Saga was a commercial success, but they’re awful films. I could give plenty more examples. As for technique, there’s a lot of that in, hmm, Battlefield Earth. Please don’t tell me you enjoy that one.

          I actually was going to flag you as spam, but you’re indulging me quite a lot with your asinine comments. Please. Continue.

  5. Great list!

    #2 is a solid choice, it’s just that there were so many great films this year and I couldn’t fit them all on my own list.

    #4 I love this pick because it’s so unexpected. I also love it because I recommend this and you thought it was animated porn! Ha ha.

    #5 I purposefully didn’t include because I consider that a re-release of a 1997. I understand why you included it though. I love the film.

    #7 is probably my one issue. I gave it a positive review, yes. It was satisfactory time filler. Yes, but it’s so predictable. Nothing happens that you wouldn‘t already expect in an actioner of this sort.

    That leave where we agree…and we agree A LOT. #’s 1, 3, 6, 8, 9, 10 all made my list (or honorable mentions) so I am in complete exact agreement on those.

    Happy New Year!!

    • #2 will win Day-Lewis acting awards, but it needs many more nominations.

      #4 looked a bit risqué because of its posters, but unfortunately, the moment I read your review happened to be the moment I forgot that Jessica Rabbit was from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Haha

      #5 felt like a completely different film in the theater.

      #7 I loved. Not sure how it’s predictable actually.

      Happy New Year!

  6. I remember tellin you to go see the Dark Knight Rises!!! I loved that movie. And Lincoln was amazing, even though I dont normally like that kind of movie. Im pretty sure you were the one who told me to watch it. Well Happy New Years and i hope you have a great year!!!

    • You were probably the millionth person to tell me to see TDKR. 😉 I saw it in early August, so I was one of the last to see it.

      Glad you saw Lincoln upon my recommendation! As long as we can agree Daniel Day-Lewis was better than any other actor this year haha.

      Happy New Year to you too!

  7. Still need to zero dark thirty becuase it’s not in my theater until january 11th!! Mr.Cinemanic, I really recommend you to see Argo and Silver Linings Playbook because they are both on my top 10 films of 2012 so far list(still waiting to see if zero dark thirty will make my list)!!! Argo is at #1 with The Hunger Games being #2 and silver linings playbook being #3!! Argo and Silver Linings Playbook should both get Oscar-nominated for Best Picture!! Other Choices for Oscar Nominess: Best Director: Ben Affleck
    Best Actress: Jennifer Lawerence for Silver Linings Playbook
    Best Supporting Actor:Robert DeNiro for silver lining and alan arkin and joh goodman both 4 argo!!!
    Happy New Year!! Go and do yourself a favor and see Argo and Silver Linings Playbook, both excellent films that should get nominated for best pictutre

    • Wow, thanks for your long comment!

      I preordered Argo just the other day, so as soon as I have hands on the Blu-Ray, I’m opening it up and watching it. Silver Linings Playbook I should do the same with. It’s not playing anywhere near me anymore.

      You should know not to mention Zero Dark Thirty to me! 😉 I’ve been counting down (10 DAYS, MAN!!) and I can’t wait till January 11th. I think what I’ll eventually do is write it up as a 2013 movie. I’ve got something against the submission of movies to art theaters for Oscar consideration, then we all get to see it a month later, during the New Year. That’s why Une Vie de Chat, Chico y Rita, and The Iron Lady are on the list. And if I ever find (and remember to find :() A Separation, it’ll be here too. Try and shut me up! Happy New Year!

    • Happy New Year, Fernando! I’m curious (and I may have asked before, but I forget): does the dubbing open before the versions with unedited audio over in Mexico? And you know, I can’t wait till 2/24 to read your list! As in it’s impossible. I could go back through all your 2012 reviews and pick out the 4.5 and 4 stars (can’t remember any full 5s) but obviously there’s more subjectivity in creating a top ten list. 😉 I started months ahead of time so I wasn’t on the computer for five hours before the Dick Clark Rockin’…whatever that thing’s called.

      • Happy New Year!

        About your question, no. They open simultaneously. Can’t wait to see many of the 2012 releases that haven’t opened here yet. Can’t wait for the Golden Globes and the Oscars, either!

        From the 2012 films I’ve watched so far those that look like they’ll be in my top 10 are Rust and Bone, The Impossible, Killer Joe, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Arbitrage and Intouchables.

  8. Nice list. I still need to see Django Unchained and Zero Dark Thirty before I make my own. I’ve seen most of the films on your top ten and like the ones that I have except for Titanic (I didn’t see the 3D conversion but wasn’t a fan of the original). I recommend watching Amour and The Master (the latter is either a love-hate film, but I think everyone should have their own opinion of it).

    • Happy New Year, Charles! Sorry you didn’t enjoy Titanic, enough that you didn’t revisit it in 3-D, let alone on the big screen for the shipwreck’s centennial. You’re not alone, but I’m trying to figure out why anyone wouldn’t like Titanic. It’s over three hours long, but the relatable romance and realistic disaster flies by like a minute. I think if I were to run down the list of all the films I’ve ever seen, and multiply their lengths by the number of times I’ve seen them, Titanic would take the cake. I should, however, stop talking. I’m delving further into hypocrisy, as anyone who loves Good Will Hunting / Black Hawk Down / Kramer vs. Kramer / The Raid / etc. could find some reason to protest against my beliefs haha. It’s all opinion!

      Anyway. The Master isn’t at the bottom of my “rent it” list, but it isn’t very close to the top either. I enjoy finding my side on “love it or hate it” movies, but I’m afraid I’d be in the latter end because a) it’s pretty long and b) the subject matter is one of few that just turns me off. Ditto Cloud Atlas, for anyone who mentions it in the future.

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